GRISONI s.r.l.

21019 Somma Lombardo (VA) - Italia

Via del Barchello , 6

Telefono: 0331 256035 - telefax 0331 253586






Battery terminalsCablelugs-Cable jointTerminals coverBattery cables

Cables for first equipment installationInstallation and assistance accessories




Quality, Confidence  and Competitveness:

Are the targets we intended; from the constitution of our firm in the 1964.Through the research and the planning;we operated upon the raw materials emploied, the processings and the accessory services; we have specialised the production and the the distribution;with the aim to ameliorate ourselves in the future.

The Research:

Effected on the wide sector context it addressed ourselves to the unification and the interchangeability, without leaving out the stand alone solutions.

The Planning:

Based on the observation of the particulars to be produced. It's addressed to consider the cost of the tools and the equipments, and the general production ones


The raw materials employed:

Correspondant to the current quality rules. 

They're provised by the means of suitable suppliers.

The Production:

Terminals, cable joint, cablelugs fused in copper alloy with tin plated processing finish anticorrosive, cable and accessories for batteries repair,maintenance and first equipment.


The processings:

Effected through tools and machines tecnically adequated, whose equipments are subjected to constant maintenance and renewal


The accesory services:

Unified packages according to the rules. Cases beared with our mark.Deliveries free at destination by home forwarding agents. Complete what we propose. Exploit our offer

The distribution:

The national sales are delegated to a group of area agents. The foreign ones are held by the sale department inside the firm. We undertake the leading exhibitions of the sector.


The future:

Following the product evolution; we'll update and enlarge our range. To eable our answering the sector requirements. With the aim to satisfy our affectionated clientele.


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